409 Bedford St. (Route 18), Whitman, MA
(781) 447-4747
Miss Kay's School of Dance, Whitman, MA
Miss Kay's School of Dance, Whitman, MA
Miss Kay's School of Dance, Whitman, MA
Miss Kay's School of Dance, Whitman, MA

Policies & Tuition

Ages 2 & Up!

Monthly Class Rates:
Registration fee: $50 - Nonrefundable
  • 1 hour/ week = $75 per Month
  • 1 1/2 hour/week = $110 per Month
  • 2 hour/week = $150 per Month
Costumes: Initial costume fee (50%) is due at Registration
  • Child size = $80 each, Adult size = $90 each (Additional $10 per costume for XL child or adult)
  • Finale T-Shirt is included in registration fee
  • Costume deposits not refundable after October 15th
  • Costume Balance must be paid in full on or before November 1st
  • If on Autopay costume balance is added to October's tuition payment
Tuition payments are due between the 1st and the 10th of each Month. 
          **The last payment of the dance season is due in may and will include June's tuition.**

Payment Options:
  • Autopay
  • Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, and all Debit cards
  • Return check fee of $25 must be pain within one week of a returned check
  • Any overdue balance is subject to a $15 late fee
  • Any Costume balance not paid in full by November 1st is subject to a one-time $25 late fee
Adding/Deleting a class:
  • Any class adjustments must be discussed with Miss Kay.
Dress Code: School colors are pink and black
  • Miss Kay's Dance Uniform is black sleeveless leotard, black booty shorts, and tan tights. Hair must be pulled up off the face in a ponytail or bun.
  • Acceptable attire for students under the age of 5 is pink and/or black dance attire of their choice.
  • Proper Dance Shoes must be worn according to the class.
Days CLosed:
  • Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas vacation week, February vacation week, April vacation week, and Memorial Day.
  • Snow cancellations will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 
  • Even if regular school is candeled, we could still have dance class. Weather can change quickly!
Other Rules/Procedures:
  • No parents/family members will be allowed to wait in the building. The waiting room will be open to parents for viewing during the LAST week of every month.
  • Student's must be dropped off/picked up at the main entrance.